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September 23-25

Jethro’s BBQ and Skate DSM are stoked to present the first ever Des Moines Streetstyle Open!

Come be part of the excitement September 23rd – 25th, skate contests will be held at locations throughout the Des Moines region, each event will have cash prizes. The Des Moines Streetstyle Open is modeled after what is known as the “best” international skate competition, the Copenhagen Open. This multi-day event will take place throughout the Des Moines metro with skate contests moving from spot to spot, with the final contest held at the Lauridsen Skatepark. This event will feature some of the world’s best skaters, as well as talented skaters from the Midwest and of course, right here in Des Moines

Thursday, September 23th

Welcome to town at Subsect Skateshop.

4pm: An old school streetstyle jam
– 3 skater jams, 3 minutes each
– Top 5 skaters qualify for a final 5 minute jam

6:30pm: Street Plant Presents a Jump Ramp/Wall Ride Best Trick
– Hosted and judged by Mike Vallely

8pm: After-Party: Coa Cantina

friday, September 24rd

We take to the streets!

11am: Stop 1 – IA State Capitol
– Best Trick down the stairs
– Bonus for a trick on the ledge after
– Tricks for cash

2pm: Stop 2 – Railroad Park
– 40 minute jam, 20 minutes in each direction
Ollie the Cases of Red Bull
– 15 & Under
– 16 & Up

4:30pm: Community skate to Legion Skatepark
– Route: North on 4th St to Vine, East on Vine to Legion Skatepark

5pm: Stop 3 – Legion Skatepark
– 3 skater jams, 3 mins each
– Food trucks!

8pm: After-Party – The Hall
SIDE-LOT Video Premiere

saturday, September 25th

Street Contest at Lauridsen Skatepark

9am: Registration and Open Practice

10:30am: Women’s Practice

11am: Women’s Qualifiers
– 3 skater jams, 3 mins each
– Top 6 skaters advance to Finals

12pm: Men’s Qualifiers
– 3 skater jams, 3 mins each
– Top 10 skaters advance to Semi-Finals

1:30pm: Men’s Semi-Finals
– Top 10 skaters from Open Qualifiers meet pre-seeded Semi-Finalists
– 3 skater jams, 4 mins each
– Top 6 skaters advance to Finals

2:30pm: Women’s Finals
– Top 6 skaters from Open Qualifiers meet pre-seeded Semi-Finalists
– Three, 1-min runs
– Best run counts

3pm: Men’s Finals
– Three, 1-min runs
– Best run counts

TBDpm: Red Bull Drop In Best Trick
– Open to anyone
– Obstacle TBD

Awards immediately following

6pm: After-Party: Captain Roy’s
Featuring Mike Vallely and the Complete Disaster

Register online

 Thousands of dollars in cash prizes will be awarded throughout ALL the events.

Red Bull will take part in the 3-day skateboard event in Des Moines, supporting a number of activities (on and off the skateboard) as part of their Red Bull Drop In program. Additionally, professional Red Bull skaters will be on the ground in Des Moines to participate.

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