With skateboarding making its debut in the Olympics and the nation’s largest skatepark in our community, skateboarding is seeing an explosion of interest nationally AND locally. We launched the Get on Board Project in 2022 with the simple goal of getting more kids on skateboards, regardless of their financial means.

Skateboarding is a unique activity because it combines extreme physical exertion with precise muscle coordination and balance. It’s a great activity for kids’ physical and mental health. Skateboarding also encourages kids to interact with one another and builds vital social and interpersonal skills. Skateboarding also teaches perseverance. 

In 2022 through Skate DSM’s Get on Board Project, we will give out up to 500 high-quality, complete skateboards and helmets to kids in the Des Moines area.


To be eligible for this project, you must: 

  • Be enrolled in school in Polk, Dallas, or Warren county in grades K-8, 
  • Have a passion for and want to try skateboarding,
  • Complete the application below

How to apply 

This form is intended to gather information about prospective skateboard recipients. Skate DSM is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to grow the skateboard community in the Des Moines metro area. To be considered for a helmet and skateboard, applicants must be enrolled in school (grades K-8) in Polk, Dallas, or Warren counties. Applicants must also complete the form below, and please be as detailed as possible as the answers to these questions will help us determine the recipients. 

Equipment recipients will be notified by email with details on how to pick their new skateboard and helmet at distribution events to be scheduled in July and August.

1Applicant Information
2Skateboard & Helmet Sizing
3Passion for Skateboarding
4Parent or Guardian Information
How does the applicant identify?
Does the applicant identify as any of the following:
How would the applicant describe themselves?
Is the applicant a person with a disability?

Distribution Events

Distribution events will be held on July 28 and a TBD date in August at TBD Locations.  

Recipients will be fitted for a helmet and taught basic equipment care and maintenance. Experienced local skaters will be on hand to teach kids how to safely ride a skateboard.

Project Sponsors and Supporters 

  • Virginia & Nix Lauridsen 
  • Jill & Mark Oman
  • Mrs. Christine Lauridsen Sand
  • Mike Simonson
  • Carl & Susan Voss
  • Mollie Baker
  • G. David Hurd & Trudy Holman Hurd Fund
  • Justin & Alison Osborne
  • Roger Brooks-Saulene Richer Fund
  • Connie Wimer 
  • Community Choice Credit Union
  • Atlantic Bottling Company 
  • Cultivating Compassion: The Dr. Richard Deming Foundation
  • Gartner Family Foundation
  • William C. Knapp Charitable Foundation
  • Hicklin Power Sports
  • Voss Distributing
  • Divitia LLC
  • Dwindle Distribution 
  • Fareway Stores
  • Pro-Tec Brand 
  • Subsect Skate Shop