Welcome to Skate DSM’s first installment of The Concrete Chronicles, where we will keep you up to date on all the exciting things we’ve been up to, anything from Skate Club, giveaways, to special events! But wait, there’s more! We want to highlight the skateboarding community that created a space for Skate DSM to thrive! We will be spotlighting local skaters, crazy tricks going down in the streets and at the parks, local videos premieres, and all things DSM skateboarding.


This spring, Skate DSM held ten skate clubs at different Des Moines Public Schools, reaching over 120 new kids! And while May marked the end of Skate Club, never fear! Here are a couple of exciting things we did to send them off on their own skateboarding journey:

  • Last day of Skate Club was giveaway day where every kid got their very own brand new skateboard and helmet!
  • As a final farewell, we coordinated a field trip to the skatepark for a day full of sun, friends, and Body Armor!


What better way to spend your summer than skating and learning with Skate DSM!

  • Keep an eye out for our Sunday skate clinics which are structured for beginners and cover the fundamentals of skateboarding: how to push, balance, stop, and turn.
  • We also partnered with Ankeny and West Des Moines to hold skateboarding lessons at the Praire Ridge Skatepark and American Legion Skatepark. 

Check skatedsm.org and click the “Learn to Skate” tab for the dates and times!


  • Message us on any of the Skate DSM socials, let us know if you’re down to volunteer! 
  • Donations of any kind, whether that be of money or spare skateboard parts, helps us continue providing skateboards and helmets to kids in need!
    • A donation of $50 gets a kid a helmet. Safety first!
    • A donation of $100 gets a kid a skateboard!